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Precision Assembly

Fused pure silver jump rings

Assembly...a bunch of loose, random rings transform into a defined, rhythmic weave. While the most crucial step, the outcome is determined long before the rings first intertwine. Because I weld my rings, they must be assembled perfectly to ensure a seamless and smooth joint. It means no gaps, misaligned ends, burrs, marred or deformed rings, sharp edges, hanging chads, or other faults that plague nearly all chain designs.

All work is performed by me from start to finish to exacting standards. Guesswork and assumptions play no role. Once you see and feel the difference between a well-made jewelry-quality chain and a novelty accessory there will be less mystery surrounding this fine art form. High-quality chains are here, in great abundance, every one without exception.

Chainmail was originally designed as a protector against injury. The irony of it causing injury from all the sharp edges, bad rings, and poor closures found on many examples is...well...ironic. Speaking of weaponry, I can make stellar BDSM pieces and no one will have one like yours!


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