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18k Gold Jens Pind 3 Bracelet

I have products made with every weave below. There are countless variations so if you would like a different size, pattern, metal, or anything else then email me. Chances are I can make it to your heart's desire because custom is what I do best!

  • 100% handmade from the molecular level, every piece and part
  • Eco-friendly and socially responsible precious metals
  • 0.999 fine silver or 18k gold unless noted otherwise
  • Fuse welded or soldered rings - these are heirloom pieces
  • Round and square profile wire available
  • Fully customizable!

Chainmail Weave Index
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 Box Weave  Byzantine  Candy Cane Cord  Dragonscale
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 Half Persian 4-in-1  Half Persian 5-in-1  Half Persian 6-in-1  Half Persian 7-in-1
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 Jens Pind Linkage 5        Jens Pind Linkage 7        Jens Pind Linkage 9        King's Weave
 Mobius  Not Tao 4  Orbital Super Berus  Shenanigans
 Vertebrae  Vipera Berus (A)  Vipera Berus (B)  Viperscale

2-in-1 chainmail picture

Basic 2-in-1

NOTE: Additional 2-in-1 variant weaves found in the Classic Chain Link collection.

The foundation for everything in chainmaille, this is the proverbial alphabet of chain making. Every place two links connect there is a segment of 2-in-1 chain. The intricacies and new weave patterns begin when these sections share other rings and interconnections.

2-in-1 Necklace 14ga 2-in-1 Necklace Graduated

4-in-1 chainmail picture

Basic 4-in-1

NOTE: Additional 4-in-1 variant weaves found in the Classic Chain Link collection.

The foundation for almost everything in chainmaille. Every place two links interconnect on both sides of a fifth one, there is a segment of 4-in-1 chain. This differs from the European 4-in-1 version listed elsewhere.

4-in-1 Necklace  

4-in-1 spiral chainmail picture

4-in-1 Spiral

This is two 2-in-1 chains woven into each other. Likely one of the few unstable weaves tolerated by maillers and their clients, it often appears as a random jumble of rings when hanging freely. However, when twisted proper it becomes a beautiful DNA helix shape. The 4-in-1 version is the lowest count possible for this spiral weave family.

4-in-1 Spiral Necklace 19ga 4-in-1 Spiral Bracelet 19ga

arkham chainmail picture


This weave adds depth to its puzzling array of interwoven rings. While the pattern is relatively straightforward - after all, it is a 4-in-1 chain which is about the simplest chain possible - it comes down to how the simplicity is made into something that appears more complex than it actually is.

Arkham Bracelet 17ga  

box weave chainmail picture

Box Weave

Some have said this weave is like liquid silk. This is an excellent choice for jewelry chains. The fact that it maintains such a perfect shape is due to the design. It should be flexible, airy, elegant for either sex, and have a nice rope or square profile.

Box Weave Necklace 17ga  

byzantine chainmail picture


Another popular and ancient weave, this features link sections that alternate between forward-facing and rear-facing parts. Its building unit is similar to the Box Weave with the addition of connector units. The contrast captivates your eyes.

Byzantine Bracelet 14ga Byzantine Bracelet 16ga
Byzantine Bracelet 18ga Byzantine Necklace 21ga
Byzantine Graduated Necklace Byzantine Graduated Earrings
Byzantine Graduated Earrings Byzantine Graduated Earrings
Byzantine Graduated Earrings  

candy cane cord chainmail picture

Candy Cane Cord

An intricate rope-like weave with a round profile, this is a 6-in-1 chain so each ring passes through six others. With a slight modification of how the rings intertwine, there are two other variations that are virtually indistinguishable. Each one is just as appealing as the next.

CCC Bracelet 17ga CCC Necklace 20ga

dragonscale chainmail picture


This is a dense weave that can be woven as a sheet or chain. Two different-sized rings are stacked on, over, under, and around each other. Despite this, it can be remarkably flexible and leaves no doubt it is kickass chainmail. It is truly awe-inspiring in micromaille. For those into BDSM/BDLG and whatnot, this makes the ultimate collar!

Dragonscale Bracelet 21ga  

elf bridge chainmail picture

Elf Bridge

Another fantastic weave by maille master Joshua Diliberto, the example uses two ring sizes. There are many variants of the Elf style including sheets and chains. It has a rectangular cross-section, good visual density, and can be fine-tuned regarding its suppleness, flexibility, and appearance by changing the ring sizes.

Elf Bridge Bracelet 17ga  

european 4-in-1 chainmail picture

European 4-in-1

Among the most common weaves for chainmail sheet, this family has many variations: 4-in-1, 6-in-1, 8-in-1, etc. The first number indicates how many rings pass through a given ring and the second denotes how many rings follow that path. Doubling up the rings would result in X-in-2 patterns. These should contour nicely over any surface and either be quite dense or relatively airy. One ring size usually does it all.

E 4-in-1 Bracelet 15ga E 4-in-1 Bracelet 17ga
E 4-in-1 Pendant E 4-in-1 Earrings
E 4-in-1 Earrings E 4-in-1 Ring, 17ga
E 4-in-1 Ring, 21ga

full persian 6-in-1 chainmail picture

Full Persian 6-in-1

A beautiful chain all around, each ring is connected to six others. Like the European X-in-1 patterns, this has a similar range of weaves. The even-numbered versions have the same appearance from any direction. This generally has a very luxurious feel as it conforms quite easily to whatever surface it touches. Picture shows a lighter density, airier version.

FP 6-in-1 Necklace 17ga FP 6-in-1 Graduated Necklace
FP 6-in-1 Graduated Earrings FP 6-in-1 Graduated Earrings

half persian 3-in-1 chainmail picture

Half Persian 3-in-1

Another from the oodles of Persian weaves, the Half Persians tend to lay flatter and depending on the aspect ratio of the rings, can vary quite a bit in their appearance and movement. The odd-numbered ones may look different on front and back sides because they can be woven with slight variations. Picture shows an airy weave of this pattern.

HP 3-in-1 Bracelet 14ga HP 3-in-1 Bracelet 15ga
HP 3-in-1 Bracelet 17ga HP 3-in-1 Bracelet 21ga
HP 3-in-1 Necklace 19ga HP 3-in-1 Necklace 21ga

half persian 4-in-1 chainmail picture

Half Persian 4-in-1

The Half Persians tend to lay flatter and depending on the aspect ratio of the rings, can vary quite a bit in their appearance and movement. The normally woven even-numbered ones (4-in-1, 6-in-1) look the same from the front and back. Picture shows a rather dense version, approaching the lower limit of what's possible before it becomes too tight.

HP 4-in-1 Bracelet 10ga HP 4-in-1 Bracelet 17ga
HP 4-in-1 Bracelet 19ga HP 4-in-1 Bracelet 20ga
HP 4-in-1 Necklace 12ga HP 4-in-1 Necklace 17ga
HP 4-in-1 Ring 20ga HP 4-in-1 Ring 21ga

half persian 5-in-1 chainmail picture

Half Persian 5-in-1

The basic formula for weaving any Half Persian is pretty easy to understand. This example is woven "up through two, down through three." With the higher numbers, there are ways to balance the weaves and change or alternate the weaving pattern. The picture shows a rather airy version, albeit with 1-1/8" I.D. rings!

HP 5-in-1 Bracelet 15ga* HP 5-in-1 Bracelet 17ga
HP 5-in-1 Necklace X-Wide  

* Balanced or symmetrical weave
half persian 6-in-1 chainmail picture

Half Persian 6-in-1

Like all Persians, this gets its name because each ring passes through six others. This weave can be continued to any X-in-1 number. Picture shows a medium-density version, fully flexible in nearly every direction. This is a balanced, standard, and stable pattern (up through three, down through three).

HP 6-in-1 Bracelet 17ga HP 6-in-1 Necklace 19ga

half persian 7-in-1 chainmail picture

Half Persian 7-in-1

How about lucky number 7? Like all Persians, this gets its name because each ring passes through seven others. For this example, I wove it slightly different because instead of repeating the up-3/down-4, this was alternated with an up-4/down-3 to give it a symmetrical appearance.

HP 7-in-1 Bracelet 16ga*  

* Balanced or symmetrical weave
half persian 8-in-1 chainmail picture

Half Persian 8-in-1

It gets its name because each ring passes through eight others. At eight rings per unit, one can get an appreciation for how this scales up. Picture shows a medium-density version for its size, flexible in all directions. This is a balanced, standard, and stable pattern (up through four, down through four).

HP 8-in-1 Bracelet 17ga  

helm chainmail picture


With a lineage attributed to Celtic lore, this is also called the Parallel Weave. There is a colorful history with Celtic weaves. Many people experiment by adding additional rings and whatnot. There is a bit of flexibility with the two ring sizes required for this pattern but the small ones need to keep the weave together and behaving nicely.

Helm Bracelet 17ga Helm Necklace 17ga

interwoven 4-in-1 chainmail picture

Interwoven 4-in-1

It's hard to believe this is only a 4-in-1 chain! But it is just a stacked version of European 4-in-1 with Persian weave undertones due to how the upper layer connects to the lower. It has a thick profile shaped like an eye and plenty of rings going this way and that to confound even the keenest eyes.

Interwoven 4-in-1 Bracelet 17ga  

JPL3 chainmail picture

Jens Pind Linkage 3 - JPL3

This weave is very popular for jewelry chains. The selling points are its low profile, nice shape, rope-like consistency, and spiraling effect. It is exceptionally dense. The aspect ratio is unforgiving since the rings must be locked in place for stability. Like all JPLs, there are right and left directions. With three rings per repeating unit, each ring passes through four others.

18k Gold JPL3 Bracelet 19ga JPL3 Bracelet 10ga
JPL3 Bracelet 12ga JPL3 Bracelet 14ga
JPL3 Bracelet 16ga JPL3 Bracelet 19ga
JPL3 Necklace 19ga JPL3 Necklace 12ga

JPL5 chainmail picture

Jens Pind Linkage 5 - JPL5

JPL5 uses five rings in each repeating section making it an 8-in-1 chain, with a fantatic spiral effect. IMHO, it is one of the nicest chains. The aspect ratio is fussy in all JPLs. As the JPL series climbs, the chains are rounder, sometimes less flexible, seemingly lighter than they appear, and more challenging to weave. There are right and left directions like all of them.

18k Gold JPL5 Bracelet 18ga 18k Gold JPL5 Bracelet 21ga
JPL5 Bracelet 14ga JPL5 Bracelet 16ga
JPL5 Bracelet 18ga JPL5 Bracelet 21ga

JPL7 chainmail picture

Jens Pind Linkage 7 - JPL7

Beginning a weave becomes increasingly harder as the JPLs climb higher. While ring density is more pronounced visually, the chains have more airiness and less weight than expected. Thus, a sturdy chain will tend to be a bit thicker and beefier. There are right and left directions. With seven rings per repeating unit, each ring passes through twelve others.

JPL7 Bracelet 16ga JPL7 Bracelet 19ga
JPL7 Bracelet 21ga  

JPL9 chainmail picture

Jens Pind Linkage 9 - JPL9

There are right and left directions and no speed weaving like all JPLs. Shown in the picture is a monster in 15ga (1.4mm round wire) using 1/2" inner diameter rings, so it's nearly 5/8" diameter! The upper limit of the weave family is dictated by physics and the strength of the metal since the ring sizes become unwieldly and spindly above a certain size.

JPL9 Bracelet 15ga  

king's weave chainmail picture

King's Weave

This weave is also called the Garter Belt, Kingsmaille, or Kingsscale. It is ideal for collars, chokers, or other close-fitting jewelry. Made with three different size interlocking rings, this will definitely be the center of attention. There is some flexibility in the ring sizes so there are lots of options for incredible visual pizzazz.

King's Weave Bracelet King's Weave Necklace

mobius chainmail picture


The basic premise behind the weave is a set of intertwined rings where every ring in the unit passes through every other ring. The smallest unit is three rings and the largest is whatever works. Sizes of rings can vary as well as how they are combined into pendants, bracelets, and more.

Mobius 3 Bracelet 17ga Mobius 3 Bracelet 17ga
Mobius 3 variant Bracelet 17ga Mobius 5 Bracelet 17ga
Mobius 3 Graduated Necklace  

not tao 4 chainmail picture

Not Tao 4

The small ring that runs parallel with the weave has no structural component to it but helps keep the weave together...and it jingles. Like many similar patterns, the small ring should be small, no more than about 1/2 the size of the large one. As long as three large rings can fit through it, leave a tiny bit of leeway to keep the chain flexible.

Not Tao 4 Bracelet 17ga  

orbital super berus chainmail picture

Orbital Super Berus

One of the creator's (Joshua Diliberto) favorite chains, this shows how simple a weave can be as it consists of a pair of parallel and unattached 2-in-1 chains with larger rings binding them together. The alternating pattern within the central part of this weave simulates a sine wave. It has great flexibility laterally and radially, deceptively supple in all directions.

Orbital Super Berus Bracelet 17ga  

shenanigans chainmail picture


It is a simple looking pattern that is a bit tricky to get the hang of but it weaves fast once a rhythm is established. This one uses two different ring sizes with a bit of leeway in their sizing. As can be seen, the smaller ring must fully fit within the larger one with room to spare. Therefore, it is best to have a marked difference between the two sizes so the pattern shows its full glory.

Shenanigans Bracelet 17ga Shenanigans Necklace 17ga

vertebrae chainmail picture


One of the simpler patterns that can really be learned visually, this has a nice attractiveness due to its light and airy appearance. There is plenty of room for larger and thicker rings, however. Three rings are required and they must match in a certain way. The small ring should stay small because as it grows, the weave loses tightness and begins to look like a jumble of interlocked rings.

Vertebrae Bracelet 17ga Vertebrae Graduated Bracelet

viperscale chainmail picture

Vipera Berus (A)

This is a particulary dense weave. It has a center section of straight 2-in-1 chain with a layer of criss-crossing outer rings. The rings are quite tight which makes the pattern all the more mesmerizing. Whatever "snake-like" relevance it has is uncertain though there are many chainmaille weaves in the viper family.

Vipera Berus (A) Bracelet 17ga  

viperscale chainmail picture

Vipera Berus (B)

This differs from the (A) version by using a center section of European 4-in-1 instead of straight 2-in-1. While the edges are the same, this makes a wider and more symmetrical weave. It can be woven two ways: the edge rings can either be mirror image of each other (shown) or lay parallel to each other. Its flat profile and ring density feel quite substantial.

Vipera Berus (B) Bracelet 18ga  

viperscale chainmail picture


This one takes a bit of time to weave due to its large ring count per inch and overall complexity. The rings are quite intertwined and layered, producing a lustrous chain. The central part of the weave is thick and tapers to the edges, forming a cross-section shaped like an eye.

Viperscale Bracelet 17ga  


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