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Welded Construction

Saw-cut jump rings

Here's a summary:
  • Seamless construction with nearly invisible welds
  • No sharp edges or rough surfaces
  • Polished to perfection
  • Heirloom quality for a lifetime of enjoyment

Welding is the strongest and most visually perfect union of metal. Something magical happens with properly welded links. How they slither over contoured surfaces is intoxicating. Simply, they define a class unto themselves. It results in positively stunning chain link jewelry.

My goal is invisible and total fusion so the seams melt into oblivion. That means no jagged metal against skin or clothes and no gaps to grab hairs or fabric, virtually eliminating snags and lost flesh!

I offer this service because there is nothing wrong with wanting a superior product. It is not overkill because quality will never be a bygone option. Discriminating buyers appreciate a unique item borne of fine craftsmanship. Once you see something this amazing you will have a new admiration for chain link jewelry.


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