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My Precious Metal Lifecycle

Scrap silver
450ozt. of sterling

  1. Buy scrap silver (and gold)
  2. Melt into dore bar ingots
  3. Put into refiner
  4. Harvest silver crystals and clean well
  5. Send out sample for 3rd party purity assay
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 as needed
  7. For alloyed metals, add the proper filler
  8. Make gold and silver solder as needed
  9. Cast ingots, shot, or whatever is required
  10. Hammer forge the ingots
  11. Shape them using the rolling mill
  12. Use drawplates to make wire
  13. Manufacture jump rings, clasps, and other materials
  14. Assemble the piece
  15. Finish, polish, and hallmark
  16. Document it: pictures, description, literature
  17. Send it off to a new home


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