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High-Quality Materials

It begins as grain and shot

Here are some highlights of my precious metal designs:
  • 100% eco-conscious precious metals
  • 100% handmade every step of the way
  • 100% in-house manufacturing of everything
  • 100% custom as needed

Because I refine my eco-friendly precious metals to the highest purity, the chemical composition of all items and alloys are known with utmost certainty. I exclusively use them to make all raw materials (ingots, solder, wire, and alloys) and findings (rivets, end caps, clasps, jump rings) that appear in my finished products. They are manufactured from scratch, literally from the molecular level, to the highest standards.

Saw-cut rings are always used since those are mandatory for jewelry or any quality product. They keep fabric and flesh safe from damage or injury. Since they are welded or soldered closed on all my precious metal jewelry, it becomes a seamless, solid ring.

Most of these items can be made with any color or karat gold from 10k green to 24k yellow. With silver, 0.999 fine is unrivaled and among the most hypoallergenic substances known with anti-microbial and anti-viral properties unmatched by the best drugs! However, any silver alloy can be spun into a design. There are numerous wire profiles that unleash a bountiful harvest for any style imaginable.


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