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5" Gyrogami Ornament 5

This one has a center section which spins and rotates. The outer section has four layers and the center spinner has three layers. The breaks are in different locations on each layer but ordered in a particular way, giving rise to numerous variations depending how the layers are bent during final assembly. It has the standard modified 32-sided star-shaped framework. Ornament 6 and Ornament 7 have the same basic structure but with breaks in different positions.

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Designed to be hung in any position. It works best with a fixed hanger to keep the ornament static, allowing the center to rotate more easily.

There is one (1) version.

Texturing, patina, polishing, super-sizing, cutting, other metals
Some options may add to base pricing

0.999 Fine Silver$80
0.925 Sterling Silver$80

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